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control for smilers can't be bought

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screw my job,
i'm going on tour!

this community has been putting the flava in yo phunky ear since january 2001!
created and maintained by daniela.

here's our member picks for some of the best phish love on the internet:

who's got my heady tunes?
livephish.com: get trey's wailing straight from the boys
furthurnet: the (cooler, free) napster of jambands
nugs.net: an orgy of jamband shows and radio
etree: a lossless-audio show swap-a-thon
bt.etree.org: etree for yo beetee's
the trader's den: bt's out the wazoo
sugarmegs: streaming hippie music 24/7
live music archive: holy crap that's a lot of music
phishcast: all phish all the time
moma dance: shows and photos
famous mockingbird: lots of phish shows

news you can use
official phish news
phish.net: everything you've ever wanted to know and more.
andy gadiel's phish page: the first phish page on the web R.I.P. june 2004
walfredo: news and EXCITING and OFTEN UNTRUE rumors
the phish archive: many years of articles, photos, and other historical bits
jambase: andy gadiel's new and excellent jamband resource site
jambands: news about those funky noodley bands that we enjoy

rec.music.phish: the phish usenet group
phantasy phish: setlist wagering and forum legendary for its hilarious bitchy attitude
the phishhook forums
phunky bitches: the phish women's group
the phellowship: fans taking it one show at a time
brian + robert: the gay and lesbian phish community
jambase's ticket board: who's got your extra?

data and details
ZZYZX's phish stats:the ultimate tool for phans
runaway golfcart marathon: lyrics galore
emil's tabs: phish tablature for you copycats
strange design: chords and tablature
setlist.com: want to envy people who made it to a show you didn't?
the all music guide: the canonical resource for bands and albums

w00ks.org: the ultimate wookie photo collection
captive in coventry: a wonderful photo journal of a coventry native's encounter with phishheads

boy love:
ck5: the chris kuroda worship site

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