i'm all ears (phluffhed) wrote in phish,
i'm all ears


did livenation spac tickets really sell out in under 3 minutes?!?!


guess i WON'T be seeing them at spac

unless someone wants to offer me a FACE VALUE ticket! as phish is strongly against scalping phish tickets above the face value price, i refuse to ever pay more than face value.


whose got my extra?!?!


i wish

congrats to those of you who got tix - enjoy the show!!
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7 entries into the lotto (my girlfriend's requests included) and this is the only show we won tickets too. This tour is pretty crazy.
I'm excited. Camden and Bonnaroo. Mmmm Bonnaroo
take me (and get me into) camden and i will contemplate giving you my extra hartford...no really
haha, well, A. i don't have an extra camden, and B. I'll be in Virginia the night before camden for a cousins wedding, and im driving straight from VA to NJ. So, that being the case, I'll gladly take your extra hartford, and give you nothing in return.... stretch!