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Are you guys seeing this setlist?

# Fluffhead
# Divided Sky
# Chalk Dust Torture
# Sample In A Jar
# Stash
# I Didn't Know
# Oh Kee Pah Ceremony >
# Suzy Greenberg
# Farmhouse
# Horn
# Rift
# Train Song
# Water In The Sky
# Squirming Coil
# David Bowie

# Backwards Down The Number LIne
# Tweezer
# Taste
# Possum
# Theme From The Bottom
# First Tube
# Harry Hood
# Waste
# You Enjoy Myself

# Grind (Acapella)
# Bouncing Around the Room
# Loving Cup

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Yeah, I've been watching it from Twitter. I'm in awe.
I cannot wait to listen to this shit tomorrow.
Indeed. I hope it comes out early in the day. It'll be nice to dance the day away.
i looked on livephish and i think you can preorder it if you have an account

set one is already up...really good recording from a PT member.. he had this up during the second set. it's one mp3 of the whole set but the sound quality is pretty damn good for what it is. i'm listening to divided sky right now :) you'll have it in minutes; almost 1200 seeders.
This setlist is making me pissy, as LiveNation wouldn't give me tickets to anything I wanted this tour.

Stupid job and adult responsibilities!
after looking at the second set too, i dont know whats left for the next three nights! haha! its like a "best of." save some energy boys!

this is real, it will just take a few hours for the poster to get back to his hotel room to seed. give it a try.
Whats the deal with the stopped than restarted YEM?
listening to the recording put up on - its great quality! one mp3, which is kind of exciting and annoying... but i'll get my free mp3s from livephish too. im getting so nostalgic listening to such a perfect divided sky! mmm...